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HDwindow - Premium Window & Door

HDwindow - Premium Window & Door

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Aluminum System Solution Provider

HAI DANG CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTION TRADING SERVICE CO., LTD is one of the companies that transfer production and overall construction to glass doors and walls. With long experience in the field of manufacturing and finishing construction works with a team of skilled workers, professional workers, high sense of responsibility. The company always receives the support and appreciation of customers and partners.


Since its establishment, the Company has constantly researched and developed comprehensive door solutions, providing door products with modern designs, beautiful designs, and many safety features, convenient. The company specializes in providing door products with aluminum materials (CIVRO, CINAL, PMI, XINGFA ...) imported from Germany, Malaysia; Aluminum glass, plastic wood composite doors with many designs and colors.

- Organize production and business activities on a closed line, ensure product quality and complete and unified construction.
- Organizing the construction and development of deep and wide HDWINDOW brand system to become the No. 1 supplier of European aluminum door system in Ho Chi Minh City

- Gradually build HAI DANG CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTION TRADING SERVICE CO., LTD according to the professional model in management and operation, extensive application of Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008
- Building and developing HDWINDOW to be the most trusted brand name for projects

- Internal solidarity, expansion of partners, healthy competition, growth and development together
- Commitment to bring the community the best and most beautiful products with our own respect, competence and responsibility.
- Carry out construction and installation activities to ensure labor safety, on schedule, in accordance with technical and fine norms of civil, industrial and large projects.


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